The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an integral part of the Lebanese constitution as per Par. B of its Preamble of the Lebanese constitution and Lebanon has ratified the 1966 International Treaty for Civil and Political rights. The Lebanese Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights both recognize the full equality of rights between all citizens and between Men and Women. One of the founding principles of the Lebanese society is the Equality of rights between Men and Women and the need to protect women as weaker members of the society.


LEBANON still has a number of legal situations and articles of Law that are openly discriminating against women and deprive women from fundamental rights.




  1. ABROGATION OF ALL THE ARTICLES OF THE PENAL CODE REGARDING HONOR CRIMES AND RAPE and replacing them by articles of Law specifying STRONGER PUNISHMENTS rather than the current leniency. Crimes committed by citizens in the name of their “Honor” and their supposed right to make justice themselves are against the fundamental principles of the Constitution and should be punished extremely severely. Individuals convicted of Rape or Child abuse will be condemned
  1. PUNISHING SEVERELY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by enacting Laws protecting Women and Children from any form of domestic violence. Launching regular advertising campaigns to make the Lebanese sensitive to Domestic violence.


  1. RECOGNITION OF THE LEGAL STATUS OF SINGLE MOTHERS AND OF SINGLE PARENT CHILDREN giving the mothers and the children exactly the same rights as every member of society.


  1. SETTING THE MIMIMUM AGE FOR MARRIAGE at 17 FOR WOMEN and 18 for MEN  imposing the legal obligation for the officer or member of clergy to verify the minimum age and actual consent of the spouse to the marriage.


  1. RECOGNITION OF THE RIGHT TO ABORTION and compulsory inclusion in the insurance coverage.


  1. CREATION OF WOMEN HELP OFFICES across the country to provide guidance, counseling and support to Women in case of Domestic Violence, Abuse, Rape, Abortion, Divorce and civil rights, operating on the basis of confidentiality and protection.


  1. CREATION OF SHELTERS FOR WOMEN across the country to provide women and their children with shelter and protection in case of abuse, physical, mental and psychological threats.