1. International Chapters regroup the Party Members in their country or region. They are responsible for the activities of the Party of Lebanon in that country or region. There may be several Chapters in the same country.

  2. The roles of the International Chapters are to:

    1. Broadcast the vision, strategy and political decisions of the Party
    2. Gather memberships in their country and region
    3. Collect donations and financing for the Party
    4. Organize Fund raising events locally or with the Party instances
    5. Reflect the wishes and vision of their members to the Party
    6. Liaise with the local Press.
  1. Once an International Chapter has gathered more than 25 members, Elections must be held to elect a President, a Vice-President and a Treasurer for three-year mandates. If the President is a Man, the Vice-President must be a Woman.
  1. The President represents the International Chapter vis-à-vis the Party and the Party vis-à-vis the local members, the local press and the local authorities.
  2. Three President of International Chapters sit on the Executive Committee of the Party.
  3. International Chapters may take the form of a local non-profit organization when required by local rules and regulations.
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