Following the assassination of Roy Hammouche on June 7th, 2017 and the numerous crimes committed by thugs circulating freely while carrying weapons illegally, THE PARTY OF LEBANON re-iterates Point # 4 of its Political Platform:


The implementation of THE RULE OF LAW and of the EXCLUSIVE USE OF FORCE AND DETENTION OF WEAPONS by the National State Army and Security Forces.



. THE PARTY OF LEBANON demands   ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICIES when it comes to the detention and free circulation of weapons by
members of the Public.



. THE PARTY OF LEBANON calls upon the Lebanese National Army and the Internal
Security Forces to use their prerogatives to fulfill their primary mission of ensuring
the security of the Lebanese People and conduct widespread operations to Control
and Withdraw weapons from the public, regardless of any potential political support
or protection, of the people being caught carrying weapons that are not members of
the Armed or Security Forces.

The Lebanese Army, Internal Security Forces and Police Forces account for US$ 3
billion in the annual budget of the State and are funded by the taxes paid by the
Lebanese citizens. The People of Lebanon is entitled to ask the Armed and Security
Forces to perform their fundamental mission of ensuring the security of the citizens.


. THE PARTY OF LEBANON calls upon the Minister of Interior to :

  •   Publish the complete and detailed list of Permits to Carry Weapons that have been delivered to people or organizations that are not parts of the Armed or Security Forces of Lebanon.
  •  Perform a complete review of the need and appropriateness of granting such Permits in existence and cancel all the permits that have no Public Order justifications or links to the Armed and Security Forces
  • Perform a review and re-organisation of the processes and the authorities
    granting Permits to Carry Weapons.



. THE PARTY OF LEBANON calls upon the GENERAL PROSECUTOR OF THE REPUBLIC OF LEBANON to investigate and prosecute, with utmost priorioty and in full transparency all the crimes involving fire arms that have been perpetrated in the past few years, including tight investigation of the entourage of the suspected people as well as any political support or protection they may have benefitted from.

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