The resounding victory of Emmanuel MACRON and his political movement EN MARCHE! in France is the confirmation that everything is possible when the People WANTS the change!

In just over a year Emmanuel MACRON took France out of the Left – Right political divide that has paralyzed it for 45 years, preventing reforms, aggravate aging unemployment, poverty and public deficits.

Time has come for Lebanon to free itself from the sectarian divide that has paralyzed and destroyed it for the past 74 years, bringing with it civil wars, destruction and economic and social impoverishment, and to build a new Nation, a functional and prosperous Lebanon.

This is why we created HEZBLOUBNAN – THE PARTY OF LEBANON and bring together ALL Lebanese of GOODWILL in a structured political organization that will enable the Change.

THE PARTY OF LEBANON is an open platform, a structured and transparent political organization where all the Lebanese who want to engage into politicss and agree on its political platform for Lebanon have their role to play.

Welcome to The Party of Lebanon,


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